40% Semisweet Chocolate Bar


Creamy chocolate with milk made with high quality cacao delivering a sweet and delicious coffee flavor.

Chocolate and coffee, the perfect blend.


Bar Net Weight:  3,5 oz/ 100 g


Chocolate Legacy



Queen of the Tapirs. Mother of the sea and Iríria the land girl.


It is said that she was invited by Sibö, father of the gods, to spread the most exotic chocolates in celebration of the inauguration of the world, and accept the gift of turning Iriria part of the land and make it more fertile. Sibö, as a reward for his offering, becomes the shadow of Namáitami in what today is known as the Tapir.


Since then, the spirit of Tapir can drink and taste the best chocolate, and knows the best recipes that give Sibö's great powers to Namáitami .



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