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Cacao in Costa Rica has been around for a very long time. Originally, in Pre-Columbian times the bean was used as currency by indigenous tribes, and remained to be a form of currency up until the 1930s. Also it was considered a sacred fruit bound to it's history and traditions, nowadays, it's still treated with the same respect and gratitude as it also represents their lifestyle.





Growing and harvesting cacao was one of the country’s major industries until the monilia fungus showed up in the 1970's, diminishing it's production. Fortunately, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) founded as an educational and research center in the 1940s, started a program about 40 years ago, to develop strains of cacao resistant to monilia and other diseases. The result, a high-quality bean with fine flavor worthy of many worldwide awards and recognitions.


Due to the characteristics of the plantations in Costa Rica, cacao harvesting is typically natural and organic. It doesn't produce forest degradation, instead, reforestation is encouraged due to the needs of shadow it requires. This protects and improves the ground, captures carbono dioxide, develops biodiversity and therefore mitigates climate change, not to mention the improvement of the lifestyle of all the men and women involved, many of them indigenous.


With every bite you're helping everyone and everything all along the chain.





Cacao it's known, not only as the "food of the gods" but also as a superfood.  It has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food and also contains more than 300 compounts like protein, copper magnesium, iron, fiber, zinc, calcium and sulphur.


It's excellent for your health, scientific research shows that lows blood pressure and acts as a mood lifter, boosting low serotonin levels. Cacao also causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good and more relaxed. And not only that, it helps athletes to shorten recovery time, might help boost metabolic rate and even help prevent metabolic syndromes that can lead to diabetes.


Give it a try, it's a healthy snack!



Known as the "food of the gods", chocolate has a very important role in the culture of two main indigenous tribes in Costa Rica, the bribri and cabécar. Used in rituals and ceremonies like marriages and funerals, chocolate was served to show hospitality and gratitude as so did Sibö, maximum deity in the mythology of these tribes,to celebrate the "opening" of the world along with his helpers and other deities.


We want you to know about this beautiful and amazing vision of the world, this legacy, that these tribes call suwo'. You will see that our products are named after these deities as a way to introduce you and encourage you to find more about the native tribes in Costa Rica.   

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