Tsuru Chocolate

Who we are


Tsuru is a Costa Rican company with the mission of delivering premium, natural and healthy chocolate products.


What is Tsuru?


Tsuru means cacao in the Bribri language, but also has an important place in the Costa Rican indigenous mythology.


Tsuru was the most humble of three beautiful sisters, who were under the gaze of the Gods. They were claimed by the maximum being among the Gods, Sibö, creator of all things. The unearthly beauty of Tsuru's sisters overshadowed his, but instead, she had a huge spirit and ability to love things that transcended normally. Sibö decided to make a test, and took an ugly human form by going to pretend Tsuru's sisters, they rejected him only by its physical form, and Tsuru took him by the beauty of his soul.


Sibö was shocked, so he took the decision to make her his wife, turning her into the most beautiful of the three sisters and filling her life with color, flowers, jewels and richness.


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